What's the first step?

You can ask me questions in an initial meeting, where we look at what you would like to explore in therapy. I offer both short term support (6 - 12 week sessions) and further ongoing, open-ended support.

How long are the sessions?

Individuals: Sessions last 50 minutes, scheduled on a weekly basis, usually the same day and time.

Couples: I offer 50 or 80 minute sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis. I offer an initial 6 sessions and review the progress of the work together. At this point, we can continue or take a pause.

How much do you charge?

£60 - £90 for individuals per 50 minute session, face to face or online. 

£90 for couples for 50 minutes or £120 for couples for 80 minutes.

I am a registered provider of psychological therapy with Cigna HealthCare. Please do ask if you are covered by an alternative insurance provider as some require 'patient' details before I am able to register as a provider. Please note: I have a slightly different fee schedule for therapy that is funded by health insurance.  This is due to specific requirements for reports that insurance companies request. 

What about absences?

My policy allows for up to four weeks absences per year, no charge (including holidays and illness). For all other cancelled appointments, I charge the full fee. Where possible, I may be able to re-schedule your appointment in the week if necessary. I will let you know my holidays in advance. 

What is your ethical code?

I abide by the ethical codes of the UKCP and the ACPP.

Do you offer online counselling?

Yes! I see people online all over the world in various time zones and also within the UK or those who are unable, for a variety of reasons, to attend in person. I use VSee or FaceTime - both are free & very easy to download and use. Please contact me for further details.