Most of our upsets have been created in relationship. It is also within relationship that we can deeply heal. I think we can start to heal when we listen into and attend to our current experience.

I offer a safe, tranquil space for individuals and couples in which you can explore difficulties you may be experiencing. The difficulties might be connected with: relationship dynamics, work, anxiety, low moods, trauma, grief, anger, spirituality, creativity or dreams.

Counselling or Psychotherapy can shed light on our difficulties and offer a space to share things that have been too hard to bear. It's possible for things to shift and for a sense of well-being to re-emerge. I feel that much of our experience just needs to be compassionately received.

Part of my work is drawing awareness to the body and the felt-sense. My role is that of facilitator and reflector with an intention to offer enquiry and acceptance. 

Each person and couple dynamic are unique. I offer testimony to the mystery, complexity and richness that each one brings. Amidst difficulties, I honour each individual's inherent sense of health, wisdom and joy.

I'd love to hear from you.